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Join one of our Leagues!

Shooters is one of the largest sponsors of pool leagues in the Twin Cities! We love our league players. Playing in the pool leagues qualifies you for other benefits including Tournaments. Many of the pool organizations have pool tournaments at advancing levels including Statewide Championships and National Championships.

The Nationals are usually played in Las Vegas in the spring of the year. Shooters has sponsored numerous teams that have ultimately played in the Nationals in Las Vegas. Congratulations to all the great players! They represented us well in the States and Nationals!

We want to be your league headquarters. Check with us for playing your league matches at Shooters.

Available Leagues

Shooters In House Pool League - 8 Ball

  • Played on 9ft full-size tables
  • Pick either Tuesday or Thursday or play both nights
  • Up to 10 on a team, 5 people play each week
  • Start time for Leagues is 7pm
  • ACS Rules
  • It is a handicap league with handicap points added to each team and the end of every round.
  • Free practice time for league players starting at 6:30
  • Sign up your team
  • Sign up as a single and we will find a team for you
  • Sign up at 7
  • Come early to meet everyone

M-8 Pool Leagues

  • Shooters is happy to sponsor your M-8 team
  • Contact us and M-8
  • M-8 league offices do all the scheduling of teams, putting together single players, etc.
  • Special incentives for playing your M8 team at Shooters.
  • Click here for M8 League website

Shooters AAA Pool Leagues, VNEA Sanctioned

  • Sanctioned Valley VNEA 8ball leagues
  • Special incentives for Playing out of Shooters
  • Organized and run by AAA Amusements
  • Click here for AAA website.

APA Pool Leagues

  • Starting Sept. also
  • Play is on Weds. Nights
  • Other nights may be available