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Pool lessons available at Shooters for all ages and skill level. Our house instructor has years of professional playing and teaching experience in billiards. Make an appointment today and let Shooters turn you into the pro you want to be!

Meet our instructors

Jay Wagener - Instructor

Jay Wegener

Jay Wegener started playing pool tournaments in 1965. Since that time he has won over 150 state and city titles and various individual tournaments. Jay has been teaching the game for 28 years and has a BS degree in education. He has produced pool students that have captured ACS, BCA, Valley and MOMA titles along with state and independent championships. Jays instructional articles have been published at, and in the Chalk Talk, mnbilliards and Nite Times magazines.

He has performed trick shots for many television stations using a ball number for the station I.D and has intrigued audiences of all age groups.

Jay was an intricate part in developing billiard programs for the Grand Forks Youth Committee. It included 6 weeks of instruction for three levels of youth, league and tournament play and bringing name talent to show off in front of the youth. For his work in this area, he received a commendation from the city. Jay also started the Independent Pool League of Greater Grand Forks to make players eligible for the international BCA tournament. The league has been in operation now for about 25 years.

He has had an interesting and varied career. Jay played with rock bands for 10 years, been Food & Beverage Director at major hotels, sold real estate, owned his own restaurant/pool room, owned a graphic design company, was General Manager for four 24 hour restaurants, directed and ran casino pool tournaments, was General Manager for corporate retail stores and has washed dishes with the best.

Jay serves Shooters Billiard Club, Burnsville, MN, as the house Teaching Professional. He has served in the capacity of MNACS/MNBCA state treasurer, was an American CueSport National referee, served on the board of directors for both the National ACS and MN ACS and is a Goodwill Ambassador for Viking Cues. He continues to write pool opinion articles, has two books in progress and continues to teach the game he loves.

What you'll learn

  • Fundamentals
    • Stance
      Bridges Grip
      Shot Preparation
      Cue ball speed
  • Aiming
    • Aim Point vs. Contact Point
      Use of the Ghost Ball
      Cut Shots - Throw Shots
      Center Ball Aim
  • Spinning the cue ball
    • Top spin
      Bottom spin
      Side Spin
      Various Draw Shots
  • Position play
    • Tangent Lines
      Vertical Axis (Cue Ball off Object Ball)
      Horizontal Axis (Cue Ball off Rail)
      One Rail Position - Multi-rail position
      Strength of stroke - Power position
      Shape with object ball on the rail
      Shape with object ball near the rail
      Looking ahead - Rail first shots
  • Cue ball safeties
Beau Runnimgen

Beau Runnimgen

My goals as an instructor include, developing a good relationship with my students making it fun to learn, finding my students weaknesses and building them from the ground up, teaching my students how to teach themselves, studying myself keeping an open mind and continuing to learn so that I can convey that information to my students, I am always interested in my students improvement. My job as an instructor is to develop a lesson plan that will best help my students while also creating short, intermediate, and long term goals. All of this while having a good time.

  • 2002 BCA Junior National Champion
  • 2002 VNEA Junior National Champion
  • 2002 World Junior Championships 9th-12th
  • 2002 VNEA Junior National Artistic Pool Champion
  • 2004 VNEA Junior National Champion
  • 2005 Minnesota State Team Champions
  • 2004 VNEA Junior National Artistic Pool Champion
  • 2006 VNEA National 8-ball Championships Runner up
  • 2006 ACS State Masters 8-ball Singles Champion
  • 2007 BCA National 9-ball Challenge Champion
  • 2008 Olathe 9-ball Runner up
  • 2008 Olathe 9-ball Champion
  • 2008 U.S. Open 65th place
  • 2008 Great Southern Billiard Tour 5th-6th
  • 2008 Reno Open 9th-12th
  • 2009 MOMA State Masters Singles Champion
  • 2009 M-8 State Masters Singles Champion
  • 2009 BCA State Masters Singles Champion
  • 2009 ACS State Masters 8-Ball Singles Champion
  • 2009 ACS State Team Masters Champions
  • 2009 ACS National Masters 9-ball Champion
  • 2009 ACS National Masters 8-ball Runner up
  • 2009 U.S. Open 25th Place
  • 2010 Derby City Classic One Pocket Challenge 3rd place
  • 2010 Derby City Classic Straight Pool 5th place
  • 2010 U.S. Bar Table Championships 9-Ball 9th place
  • 2010 U.S. Bar Table Championships 8-Ball 5th place
  • 2010 Wisconsin State One Pocket Championships Champion
  • 2010 Fargo Billiards 9-Ball Champion

Instructional Videos for Rent

We have a wide variety of instructional videos, tournaments and more available for rent. Just ask our front counter staff for help picking out the perfect video to help you improve your skill.

Lesson Rates for Jay Wegener

  • Cost: Individual - 1 hour session - $40
    Shooters donates the table time.
  • Two students - 1 hour session - $30 each
    Shooters donates the table time.
  • Three students - 1 hour session - $25 each
    Shooters donates the table time.
  • Four to seven students 1 hour session
    - $20 each
    Shooters donates the table time.
  • Videotaping is available at an additional cost.
  • Radar gun for break speed available at an additional cost.

Lesson Rates for Beau Runnimgen

I prefer to do an introductory lesson before any Lesson Series are purchased. I do this so my students can see if I am the right teacher for them and vice versa. Once the lesson is complete you will have a good idea if you like the direction that we are going.

Introductory Lesson: $50 includes: Discussion (video available), check basic fundamentals, develop plan for improvement.

Lesson Series:

3 Series:  The 3 Series will allow us to have a plan in mind and sets some goals for improvement. We will be able to cover a good amount of information and create a good solid base.
       $130 - includes 3 one hour sessions.

5 Series: The 5 series will allow for a more wide variety of learning. Many parts of the game can be covered. I will be able to get a better understanding of my student and be able to create more detailed and specific plans.
       $200 - 5 one hour sessions.

Instructional Articles

Written by Jay Wagener our in house instructor, these articles will help your game and build your confidence. A wide array of topics are covered. The list below is only a few of the several articles Jay has written. To view all of his articles visit